Vivog super premium clumping cat litter

Vivog super premium cat sand. The fine strong clumping cat litter is very economical in use, binds the odor before it can develop and pleasant smells like baby powder. Just always just refill the cat litter and no more carry heavy cat litter. Save with our convenient three-pack.

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Super Premium Cat Litter.

Vivog Super Premium Katzensand.

Fill the litter box with 7 cm of cat litter. Take away the clumps and solid waste daily as necessary. Always refill to 7 cm.

Compact clumping super premium white cat litter, for cats. 99,5% dust free, 100% natural and enviromentally friendly, super clumping, odour control, easy to dispose of, superior absorbency, keeps tray dry, economic consumption, processed from finest white bentonite. Baby powder fragrance.

If your cat urinates like to protest in the apartment, then try the super premium cat sand, because cats are very odor sensitv and react on specific cat sand positively. If your cat already has peed in the bed, couch or in the living room use the Ecodor UF2000, to neutralize. 


Wenn Ihre Katze gerne aus Protest in die Wohnung uriniert, dann versuchen Sie den Super Premium Katzensand, denn Katzen sind sehr geruchsempfindlich und regieren auf Geruchsbindenden Katzensand positiv. Solle Ihre Katze bereits ins Bett, aufs Sofa oder in ein Zimmer gepinkelt haben verwenden Sie zum Neutralisieren den Ecodor UF2000.

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