Combination dryer Stand dryer, wall dryer

Stand dryer or Wall mounted dryer for dogs

The dog stand dryer or wall mounted dryer is an additional dog dryer which is often used in the pet grooming and by breeders for dogs which require a lot of volume. However, the stand dryer do not replaced the Blower. The stand dryer is fitted with an additional heating element and allows the dog stylists the hair simultaneously brush with heat in order to do then create the perfect cut, the stand dryer is often referred as poodle dryer.

Dog groomer Vienna advice:
Most GogiPet® dog dryers can be used as a blower as well as a stand dryer or a wall-mounted hair dryer. These are either retrofittable or immediately available as a set. The wall mounted dryer is best recommended a professional arm with a long reach, so you can go anywhere and have nothing disturbing standing around in the groomers place. It is very important for a nice scissor cut, that dogs with voluminous fur, with the help of added heat nice brushed. The hair is then beautiful standing up and can then be styled best.

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