Carbon brushes for Metro dryer Blaster and Commander

Carbon brushes for Metro dryer Blaster and Commander. Double pack carbon brushes for blower and pet dryer by Metro dryer.


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Content: 1 Piece

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Product number: ME-ABC-6

Product information "Carbon brushes for Metro dryer Blaster and Commander"

Metro Blower carbon brushes.

Replacement parts for your Metro blower.

Suitable for all Metro dog dryers sold by Onlinezoo with the exception of the Metro QD models.
2 spare carbon brushes included.
You can find replacement carbons for Metro QD models here.

From time to time the carbon brushes in pet dryers need to be replaced, if your pet dryer stops running, 99% of the worn carbon brushes need to be replaced. Comparable to the brakes of a car.

Metro dryer carbon brushes

This brushes fits to:

Hundetrockner Kohlentausch Video (Beispiel Metro Blaster B-3):

Metro pet dryers with over 75 years’ experience.

Metro is the world's leading pet dryer manufacturer in the dog and pet grooming industry and has been the first choice for professional pet care for over 30 years. With over 75 years of experience, Metro dog dryers are safe and the fastest way to dry your pet. Dogs, horses and cats are very sensitive to the volume of the air stream (not audible to us). Most manufacturers advertise that their pet dryers are quiet, but this is not as relevant to pet care as the airflow noise, so dogs like to run after the lawn mower but panic as soon as the dust cleaner starts. Metro is once again the first choice, as Metro has been working on this issue since 1939 and uses the highest quality components available in the domestic and international markets for its pet dryers. Metro primarily produces pet dryers for professional dog groomers, but is also becoming increasingly popular with demanding home users. Metro pet dryers are therefore the most sold brand pet dryers in the world.

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