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The kennel dryer has a bad reputation, but it is for dogs the most pleasant drying method, because they are dried with warm circulating air stress free. If someone claims that the cabin dryer is animal cruelty, has simply gone no knowledge or make it bad because a cabine dryer mean higher acquisition costs. However, a complete solution does not provide the kennel dryer, the dog hairdresser definitely need another blower because the cabine dryer is not suitable for dogs which needs at the same time need to be brushed while drying. New at Onlinezoo are the spa boxes with infrared panels for extra gentle and fast drying.

Dog groomer Vienna advise:
When purchasing a drying cabin, make sure that the fan is on the side and not below the dog. (You can imagine what happens in a mishap). The cabine dryer should be equipped in any case with a timer, temperature controller and overheating protection. Infrared wellness boxes are perceived by dogs as very pleasant and ideally they still have an ozonator which additionally neutralizes odors and as an extra highlight you can use wellness boxes with light therapy to perfect the pampering.

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