Dog bath tubs

Good dog bath tubs for dog grooming and dog breeders

All dog bath tubs we have tested in our pet grooming slaon, because the dog baths for dog groomers should be sturdy and adjustable in height so that they can be adapted to the body size. For large dogs you should consider whether you should not invest in an electric height adjustable dog bath so that you can work back strain in pet grooming.

Dog groomer Vienna advice:
At work in practice, we have found that it is very important that the dog bathtub should be as optimal as possible adapted to the dog size and body size in order to work without pain. (If the height does not fit, you will soon get back problems.) In cooperation with Onlinezoo and leading dog groomers, we have developed special deluxe dog baths with the bathtub designers. These have two-part floors which can be easily, quickly and individually adjusted in height. (Also with the non-height-adjustable Delux dog bath.) In combination with the 2-divided floor, a high, removable special sieve for the hair is integrated, so that the dog never stands in the water. In addition, the stainless steel (compared to the standard version) is slightly more durable to achieve longevity, the special shower head delivers water only at the touch of a button and the consumption can be more than halved. We put a lot of emphasis on a real door to avoid getting annoyed with the jammed sliding door, which is often difficult to open with wet hands, as is built in the standard version.