Electric dog baths

Electric height adjustable bathtubs for dogs.

The dog baths for busy pet grooming salon owner. When you work with different breeds it is best to use an electric dog bath to avoid pain. With large dogs you just go down with the dog bath to the ground level open the door and move the dog without effort into the desired working height, but also with small dogs the working height should be adjusted optimally for the activity to protect your spine.

Dog groomer Vienna advice:
When you start working as a dog groomer, you are often still young and in good physical shape, so you do not think so much about the spine and backache. Take a moment to pause and think about whether it makes sense to invest in an electrically adjustable dog bath, because the pain inevitably comes when you work with poor posture.
In collaboration with Onlinezoo and leading dog groomers, we have developed special deluxe dog baths with the bathtub designers. These dog baths have two-part floors which can be adjusted easily, quickly and individually in height. In combination with the 2-parted floor, a high, removable special sieve for the hair is integrated so that the dog never stands in the water. In addition, the stainless steel (compared to the standard version) is slightly more durable to achieve longevity, the special shower head delivers water only at the touch of a button and the consumption can be reduced by more than half. We have always attached great importance to a real door to not constantly annoying with the jammed sliding door which is often difficult to open with wet hands, as is the case in the standard version.

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