Electric dog brushes and de-furring machines for dogs

Electric pet brushes and de-matting machines.

What are electric dog brushes and detangling machines really good for?

We've tried a lot of electric detangling machines and electric dog brushes in our dog salons over the years, and there's been a lot that's happened in over 15 years.

Electric dog brushes and de-matting machines promise a lot, but usually deliver very little, hardly any system had really worked and usually quickly disappeared from the market again. Electric dog brushes have really come out of the woodwork in recent years from numerous manufacturers and here, too, the result is not very exhilarating, if not even very questionable, as skin irritation or even inflammation can occur very quickly.

But as the saying goes? Exceptions prove the rule.

After numerous long-term tests, only 2 electric dog brushes convinced us with their quality and safety, which also work excellently as highly effective detangling machines thanks to an additionally available brush belt.

These electric dog brushes have convinced us both in terms of productivity and safety and are also used daily in professional dog salons.

The Auto Dog Brush Original, was the larger electric dog brush and de-furring machine and was replaced in 2021 by its successor, the Auto Dog Brush Petite, which is now smaller, lighter and quieter.

The new Auto Dog Brush Petite, the smaller sister of the Auto Dog Brush Original, has become even more handy and is especially popular with groomers, breeders and the discerning home user. The powerful dog brush can optionally be operated independently of the mains with an external rechargeable battery pack, so that you do not have to rely on the mains at the dog show, for example.

The Auto Dog Brush Petite has been optimised in line with the wishes of its predecessor. The Auto Dog Brush Petite is now also available in several colours.

These automatic dog brushes brush optimally down to the skin without touching it. Despite the powerful motor, safety is the top priority. A safety chip ensures that the automatic dog brushes stop immediately if the pull causes greater resistance than the Auto Dog Brush expects. If too much hair, the tail, a tie, a cloth or anything else gets caught in the automatic dog brushes, the safety chip switches off the power supply. Once you have made sure that everything is OK, you only need to switch the automatic dog brush off and on briefly and you can continue your work.

The Auto Dog Brush pet brushes have very often been copied in different designs by different manufacturers, but often with severe safety defects and poor brushing quality. The Auto Dog Brush pet brushes are made in the EU with all the safety standards and patents that guarantee the quality of the electric dog brushes.

The electric dog brushes fit very well in the hand due to years of experience and work optimally with all pet sizes. The blue brush band supplied is suitable for brushing and un-felting all types of coat. For heavier tangles, a special white brush band is available for both the Auto Dog Brush and the Auto Dog Brush Petite, making it even easier to brush out tangles. If you also use the popular GogiPet Magic Care coat care, you can even prevent new tangles by brushing it in thoroughly with the Auto Dog Brush. 

Auto Dog Brush

The electric dog brushes and detanglers can be used with or without a connection to a hoover and are also available in a low-priced set price with an adapter hose for the electric dog brush. From practical experience, we recommend using the Auto Dog Brush or Auto Dog Brush Petite with a connection to the hoover whenever possible. The dog salon stays clean, you don't inhale flying hair and dandruff, the Auto Dog Brush cleans on its own and makes brushing even more effective, as the brush band is positioned exactly up to the surface of the skin.


Even if it is the exception, it does exist, the well-functioning electric dog brush.

Onlinezoo offers you the Auto Dog Brush Petite in different sets with which you can save quite a bit.