Electric dog stripping machines

Hand stripping with electric stripping machine.

The first electric fur stripper in the world Made in EU.

To properly care for the hair of rough-haired and stick-haired dog breeds, regular stripping is required, which is often referred to as hand stripping. Stripping is often mistaken for clipping by uninformed groomers, which should not be done on these breeds to avoid damaging the coat.

Stripping is the process of plucking the mature coat of wire-haired dog breeds such as West Highland Terriers, Schnauzers, Carin Terriers.... (i.e. the typical short-haired breeds that lose a lot of hair) is plucked to make room for the fresh coat in order to create a beautifully groomed coat.

Due to various breeds, the coat of the original dog has become so dense that the dog can no longer rub off the itchy hair itself, it needs our help for this. We do this either with our fingers, stripping stones, stripping knives and other stripping aids.

Stripping is quite an elaborate job and takes a lot of time.

Stripping made easy with the electric stripping machine.

GogiPet® has been on the road again for you to find and test new innovative products for dog grooming. We found the automatic stripping machine in Finland and were able to win over this excellent pet care product developed by and with professional dog groomers from European production.

The electric stripping machine works just as skilfully as the groomer does with hand stripping, but much faster, smoother and more accurately.

2 interchangeable stripping paw rakes for thinner or thicker fur are available for stripping. The stripping paw rakes grip the mature coat and remove it with the help of an opposite rubber stripping belt. Of course, you can adjust both the length and the pulling force individually.

The electric stripping machine can either be connected directly to a standard vacuum cleaner if you only strip occasionally or via its own hair container which collects the dead hair to relieve the vacuum bag.

The Karhia stripping machine was named THE most innovative innovation of the year by GogiPet® and has already made the daily work of hundreds of groomers and breeders easier.

GogiPet presents the Karhia PRO dog stripper.

Video of the electric stripping machine:

Stripping vs. clipping

It depends on the breed of dog.
During clipping, the hair is cut off, which is common for most dog breeds such as Poodles, Maltese, Bolonka, Havanese, Lhasa Apso, etc., or dog scissors are used for longer hair.
Wire-haired dogs such as terriers, schnauzers and rough-haired dachshunds do not have their coats cut but are stripped, i.e. the mature hair (which is loosely stuck in the skin) is plucked out. Typical are dog breeds that shed a lot, because they change their coat regularly. In this case, clipping is not advisable, as the coat and also the dog suffer from the hair stuck in the skin. New hair has no room to grow, the dog sheds a lot and itching and possibly skin infections occur if the dog is not stripped regularly.

Does stripping hurt the dog?

Unfortunately, the persistent rumour persists that stripping hurts. On the contrary, skin inflammation can occur if wire-haired dogs are not stripped. Stripping does not involve pulling hair out, but plucking loose hair, and many dogs even enjoy being stripped to get rid of itching. With the electric stripping machine, you can adjust the pressure of the "plucking" individually for the respective dog.

GogiPet has tested the Karhia Pro stripping machine on countless dogs, regardless of the manufacturer's specifications, and rated it as an extra valuable dog grooming supply.