Other Dog grooming supplies

Other dog groomer needs

Groomer needs for the dog grooming salon and dog grooming needs for relief and improvement of working in pet grooming.

Not everything fits into one category - often it is just little things for dog care that make the work in the dog salon easier and better. Innovative products for professional dog care for especially beautiful dogs.

Our model dogs and model dog heads are especially popular, and you can let off steam without restraint. Try out new hairstyles and present them in the dog salon, your customers can orientate themselves on the model dogs to find the desired style for their dog. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner and want to practice or if you are an advanced professional dog groomer and want to show off your skills. Dog grooming schools especially like to use our model dogs so that newcomers can practice on calm dogs. But not only the model dogs are well received as dog grooming supplies, the mouth and nose protection for hairdressers is especially in demand. The mouth and nose protection for dog groomers ensures that you do not inhale hair all day long. In contrast to the disposable masks, these special masks developed as dog hairdressing supplies offer especially easy breathing through a special valve and the masks do not disturb even during strenuous work. Latex rings, blood stoppers, ear hair plucking scissors, shampoo bottles, pressure sprayers, other accessories, automatic dog brushes and de-felting machines round off the dog grooming supplies.