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Dog scissors from beginners to professional groomers.

Japanese steel scissors or normal steel scissors?

There are many dog scissors, and beginners in often descide for a cheaper normal steel hair scissors, but these scissors have a decisive disadvantage, because even if they are rust-free, flash rust forms very rapidly which severely worsens the quality of the cut. Since the steel is not so hard, of course, a normal steel hair scissors will also be used more quickly.

Onlinezoo therefore offers almost exclusively Japanese steel hair scissors, which stay sharp for up to 15x longer thanks to the special steel.

But there are also cheap dog scissors in semi-professional performance, which are made of good Japanese steel (as it is also used in pocket knives) and stay sharp up to 15 x longer than normal steel dog scissors. These hair scissors also provide a good cut, but are not as smooth and not as noble processed as the professional Japanese steel scissors. We recommend these hair scissors for the beginning of your activity as a dog groomer, or if you only want to style a dog off and on.

But if you are already more secure and cut a lot, then you will have much more pleasure in the very high-quality professional Japanese steel hair scissors for dog hairdressers, these cut effortlessly and silently, glide through the hair and stay sharp by the specially hardened steel up to 15x longer than Normal steel or stainless steel dog scissors.

Types of scissors:

Straight scissors are perfect for all-purpose grooming.
Curved scissors are ideal for scissoring top knots and tails.
Thinning scissors are perfect for bulk thinning, shaping, and blending.
Paw scissors for the paws, eyes and ears are short and have a rounded ball tip for safety.

Dog groomer Vienna Tip:
Our dog hairdressers recommend GogiPet® Japanese scissors (special alloy steel C440) these are designed specifically for dog hairdressers. Our manufacturer is satisfied with years of experience with the development of scissors for hairdressing and scissors for dog groomer.

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