Japanese Steel Dog Scissors

Dog Scissors For Dog Grooming – Hair scissors made in top quality.

Japanese cobalt stainless steel scissors (special alloy steel scissors 440C) are the top dog scissors for the dog hairdresser, they are still smoother, sharper, more robust and a lot more durable than normal steel scissors.

We offer high quality, professional Japanese steel dog scissors made of extra hardened Japanese steel with up to 15x longer sharpness and durability for dog hairdressers and demanding users.
But we also have a lot of low priced, semi professional dog scissors in the program, which also provide a good cut, but are not as smooth as our elite hair scissors. These dog scissors are also designed for everyday use.
However, our dog hairdressers swear by the absolute elite dog scissors - the professional GoigPet ® dog groomer scissors made of Japan Steel - at top prices in highest quality and has compiled important care tips for dog scissors for you.


  • Dog groomers should use the professional Elite Japanese steel dog scissors (in our shop with a blue background).
  • Breeders, groomer beginners or private users, can also achieve very good results with the cheap semiprofessional Japanese steel dog scissors.