Rubber ring for scissors small

Finger ring insert small. Finger insert for scissors for a simple work. This Finger Insert provides additional padding to make prolonged scissoring more comfortable. Each rubber insert slips securely into place with ease.


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Content: 1 Piece

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Product number: VG-10498

Product information "Rubber ring for scissors small"

Finger ring insert small.

Finger insert for scissors for easier working small with about 20 cm ∅.

For the ring finger, dog scissors usually have smaller scissor eyes, and this design is suitable for these. For the thumb you usually need the rubber for scissor eyes large.

Properties of the rubbers for the scissor eyes (Finger inserts):

  • Design for small scissor eyes
  • Inner diameter 19/20 mm
  • Groove diameter 22/23 mm
  • High quality soft rubber
  • Convenient and comfortable working
  • Perfect grip for smaller hands
  • Optimum adhesion

Dog groomer Vienna advice:
The rubber ring goes into the eyes of the scissors very hard and seems too big, massage the rubber ring into the eyes of the scissors, it must go in so tightly or it will slip out while working.

Price by piece.

Onlinezoo scissor rubber insert online special price

Since hairdressing and dog hairdressing is a typical male profession in the global market, hair scissors for male hands are developed. However, women usually have smaller hands and, above all, thinner fingers. Hand size plays a minor role in hairdressing scissors, but the correct position of the fingers in the scissor eyes plays an essential role in achieving an even haircut. In general, everything over 2 cm in length should no longer be cut with a clipper, but with hair scissors, so that the cut is even and beautiful. It is important to ensure that your fingers do not slide too far through the eyes of the scissors, as you can only cut as short as your fingertips can reach through the eyes of the scissors. With the help of the rubber for the scissor eyes you can reduce the size of the hole and also prevent the fingertips from sliding through. With the rubbers for scissor eyes, dog hairdressers can also make a short scissor cut evenly.

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