Grooming tables and accessories

Grooming tables and grooming table accessories. (Shear tables).

Having a top quality, wobble-free dog grooming table is a must-have when you are a bussy dog grooming salon owner or a dog breeder. We work in our own pet grooming salon and our dog grooming school with many different grooming tables to test the quality. We offer the grooming tables, which we have classified as highly recommended, stable shear tables with good price-performance ratio.

Dog groomer Vienna advice:
For the home user, for breeders and for the mobile dog groomer, we recommend a mobile, lightweight grooming table. Since the home user and the breeder only occasionally style dogs, the grooming table needs only stable, wobble-free, provided with an anti-slip topper and be equipped with rounded edges. The home user and the one who exhibits pets, should still make sure that the grooming table is collapsible, so that it is easy to stow it. The mobile dog groomer should choose a grooming table with big wheels and drawbars so that he can easily transport his hairdressing equipment when he has to go by foot to his client. (Attention small cheap wheels block with each little stone and you can damage your dog hairdressing accessories). In the groomer salon and in the veterinary practice, an electrically height-adjustable grooming table is essential for health reasons, you can adjust this grooming table depending on the breed of their body size and thus maintain and care for the pets in healthy posture.