Rubber pad for grooming tables and work surfaces

Rubber for grooming tables. Black rubber mat for the grooming tables - cutting table protection. Each grooming table uses from time to time from, especially the rubber mat will rapidly become scruffy because he is scratched by the dogs claws.


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Product information "Rubber pad for grooming tables and work surfaces"

Black rubber for grooming tables.

Blue rubber mat for the grooming table - shear table protection.

Every grooming table wears out from time to time, especially the rubber mat quickly becomes unsightly because it is scratched by the dog's claws and grooming tools.

With the sturdy rubber mat from Onlinezoo, you can cover the grooming table with new material or improve it. The mat can be easily cut to size and adapted to the grooming table. The black mat is 120 cm long, 60 cm wide and therefore fits on all standard grooming tables, simply cut to size and you're done.

The especially structure of the black rubber mat ensures that the dog to be groomed has a better footing and is easy to clean.

Features of the grooming table pad:

  • Black rubber mat specially designed for grooming table.
  • Protects the cover of the grooming table
  • Can be used for the new cover
  • Shapely design
  • Non-slip rubber mat
  • Washable and easy to clean
  • Structure specially designed for pet grooming
  • Can be cut to size
  • Length 120cm
  • Width 60cm

If you want to disinfect the grooming table pad, do not use disinfectants that contain a very high percentage of alcohol, as these can attack the rubber and make it brittle. For quick disinfection, we recommend Melisepthol Foam pure G, which has been specially developed for cleaning trimming tables.

We work with all the products we sell in our dog grooming salons and only selected products are included in the Onlinezoo programme.

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Dog grooming Vienna advice:

In our dog grooming school, we recommend that our students purchase an electric height-adjustable grooming table for their first equipment. However, good electric grooming tables are not cheap and the cheap electric grooming tables without X chassis, which cannot be raised and lowered smoothly, are more or less a waste of money. If the financial means for an electrically height-adjustable grooming table are not sufficient for the initial equipment, then it is better to purchase an inexpensive mobile grooming table for the time being. This can then be resold when the money for an electric grooming table is available. It is advisable to use this with a rubber surface so that the value of the grooming table does not depreciate too much because the rubber surface must be in good condition when it is resold.

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