Electric grooming tables

Electrically height-adjustable grooming tables.

The electrically adjustable grooming table is essential forthe professional grooming salon owner. You can adjust the optimal height of the shear table and large dogs can be brought in the necessary maintenance position without effort. Onlinezoo recommends the grooming tables of Stabilo which are characterized by the fine workmanship and durability especially.

Dog groomer Vienna advice:
In a busy groomer salon and at the veterinarian is an electrically height adjustable grooming table in very good quality an absolute must-have and essential part. Only when the grooming table can be adjusted to your body size in combination with the dog size, you can permanently do your job without pain. I've worked with a lot of grooming tables in my dog grooming salons, but only a handful is really good and durable. I've owned my good grooming tables from Stabilo for over 15 years and I'm still working on it. A high-quality grooming table, behaves wobbly and smooth even when lifting and lowering, the edges are well processed so you do not hurt yourself and the groomer clothing is not damaged. The topper must be non-slip so that the dogs can stand well. The trimming table must be equipped with a gallows (bracket) or be retrofitted, so that the dogs that are left to you for care and supervision, can be leashed, without gallows you can seriously or even fatally injure dogs when they jump or fall from the grooming table. Beginners often tend to buy a too big grooming table and then buy mostly another smaller grooming table. The optimal size is about 100-110 cm long and 50-60 cm wide. I have never had a dog that I could not style on this surface. When the grooming table is bigger, I have to walk around the table a lot more and have to work with outstretched arms in smaller dogs, both leading to premature exhaustion. Large dogs are much calmer on smaller grooming tables, which makes dog grooming much easier.