Disentangler, disentangling aids

Dematting & Deshedding Tools

Dematting for dogs and cats.

Professional de-matting and de-tangling tools are tools for dematting and untangling hair. We understand the troubles groomers get on a daily basis when it comes to matts and tangles, and have tried to find the best tools to aid in the removal of tough matts. Use also the Bubbles & Nature balm and dematting spray, it will help you significantly during the de-matting and prevents new matts at dogs and cats. Together with our professional pet groomers we have elaborated detailed descriptions and explanations and made them available directly to the individual dematting tools for you. We are also happy to advise you personally on site or by e-mail, please contact us. Our dog hairdressers work with all the dematting tools we distribute in our dog salons, only high quality dematting tools, which correspond to a good price performance ratio come into the Onlinezoo products range.
We have included in our program, for example, Matt Breaker, detangling hooks, matt splitter, disentangling combs and even an electric dog brush with dematting  function for dog hairdressers.