Claw nippers and claw care

Claw scissors and nail clippers.

Dog nail clippers and nail scissors in the best quality and the best price! Depending on the size of the nail our clippers for dogs and cats are suitable. Pet nails should be cut every 1 - 2 months so that your dog does not start to walk on the nails, unless the dog is very active and heavy enough that he can run the claws off by himself.
Together with our professional pet groomers, we have chosen a good selection of pet clippers and recommend that you also have the GogiPet® blood stopper at hand when cutting the pet nails. Detailed descriptions and explanations have also been worked out with our dog hairdressers and provided directly at the individual nail clippers for you. We are also happy to advise you personally on site or by e-mail, please contact us. Our dog hairdressers work with all paw clipping tools in our dog salons we distribute, only high-quality, well-functioning claw scissors, which are in a good price performance ratio come into the online zoo product range.
After claw cutting, you should still take a little time and file off the nails a bit so that the dog can not get stuck on any existing hooks on the carpet.