Stop bleeding 14 gr styptic powder for dogs

Blood stopper for the claws cutting. Helps to stop bleeding from nail clipping, this fast-acting styptic powder is a must-have for any dog groomer, or pet owner. Safe for use on dogs and cats. At Onlinezoo with best price guarantee:


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Content: 14 g (€70.71* / 100 g)

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Product number: GogiPet-0503-046TRA-

Product information "Stop bleeding 14 gr styptic powder for dogs"

Bleeding stopper GogiPet®.

GogiPet Stop bleeding for the claws cut.

The small handy bleedings stopper is used to the stop minor bleeding like for example the claws cut and reduces risk of infection and stops bleeding fast.

You should always have a blood stopper available for claw care. If some blood should come to light during claw cutting, put some blood stopper on your finger and press against the claw, so there is no risk of infection. It works even more comfortably with the GogiPet Stop Bleeding Holder.

Features of the GogiPet Blood stopper:

  • Best in our dog grooming salons stop bleeding powder
  • Works immediately without burning
  • Odourless blood stopper as powder
  • Pain-relieving through Benzocaine
  • Colour-neutral blood sedative that does not discolour the coat

In the claw care, you should always have a blood stopper available. If at the claws cutting some blood come to see, take some blood stopper on your finger and press against the claw, there is no risk of infection. (Of course, you should also have at home a blood stopper to stock if you cut the nails of your dog by yourself.)

Apply a pinch of styptic powder to the bleeding area, using moderate pressure until bleeding stops. Do not use in deep wounds, body cavities or burns. If bleeding does not stop, consult a veterinarian.

The blood stopper from GogiPet for perfect claw care

When cutting the claws it is important that the claws are cut correctly, you should cut to just below life (the vein). With light claws you can see life very clearly, with darker claws you can best illuminate the claw with a torch. Don't worry, if you cut a little too far it won't hurt the dog, but you should definitely stop the bleeding with the blood stopper. If you don't cut all the way to the vein, it will become longer and longer and will inevitably have to be cut until it bleeds.

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