Vivog Nail clipper - large

Large nail cutter for big dogs. Features of this nail clipper: ergonomic non-slip handle, heat treated blades designed for dogs and cats of stainless steel. At Onlinezoo with best price guarantee:


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Product number: VG-02312

Product information "Vivog Nail clipper - large"

Nail clipper - large.

Vivog Nail clipper - big for medium and big dogs.


  • Ergonomic non-slip handle.
  • Specially designed for cats and dogs
  • Spring-mounted
  • Heat-treated stainless steel blades for optimal durability and quality.
  • A precise edge for a perfect cut
  • Locking system to lock the nail clippers shut.

Indications for use:

  • Safety system to avoid cutting the nail too short (however, always take care not to cut the blood vessel).
  • Finish off with the Vivog nail file to soften and round-off the nails.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Dog grooming advice:

Nail cutting is for the health of your dog very important. We recommend to use after the claw cutting to use a nail file. Also take care that you have a blood stopper at home or in your grooming salon.

Onlinezoo nail clipper special online price

When cutting the claws of dogs, hold the claw clipper so that they approach the claws from back to front or from front to back. Apply the claw clipper in the way how it is easier for you, the blades of the claw clipper will adapt exactly to the shape of the claws. Do not approach the claws from the side, however, as this could crush the claws. (You can see this from the shape of the blades, which correspond to the shape of the claws).

Since over 30 years, Vivog has set itself the goal of developing, manufacturing and marketing products for animal care and breeding professionals. Since a few years Vivog is a subsidiary of the Martin Sellier Group which is also committed to the welfare of dogs and cats. Onlinezoo is the strong partner in the German-speaking area, which independently tests and adapts the products to the conditions and extends the product range to include high-quality brands.

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