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Hand stripping tools are used for dogs with wired coats. Hand stripping involves plucking the dogs hair in the direction that it grows. These breeds of dogs have releasing hair follicles which is an evolutionary trait that used to stop the hair from getting caught and tangled in weeds and sticks. Stripping the coat is generally divided into three sections, the flatwork, jacket and the furnishings. The flatwork consists of the head, cheeks, ears, jaw-line and neckline. The jacket is the back and sides and the furnishings are the legs, beard and eyebrows.
In these breeds, the coat should not be cut or clipped, otherwise the mature hair would always get stuck in the skin, this can lead in the long term to fur and skin problems Together with leading dog groomers, we have elaborated detailed descriptions and explanations and made them available directly at the individual trimming tools for you. We are also happy to advise you personally on site or by e-mail, please contact us. Our dog hairdressers work with all hand stripping tools that we sell in our dog salons, only proven, high-quality hand stripping tools that are in a good price performance ratio come into the Onlinezoo product range. These include stripping knives, stripping stones, magnesium blocks, eliminators, thinning combs and finger grips.

Typical breeds for hand stripping are the West Highland Terrier, Fox Terrier, Airedale Terrier, Carin Terrier, Schnauzer, wire-haired dachshund