What requirements do I need to be able to buy wholesale?

You can register with us as a trader (with minimum order value) or as a micro trader (without minimum order value).

1. The best choice for B2B customers.

Retailer: You want to use our products for yourself (e.g. pet salon equipment) and / or sell them in your shop or grooming salon:

You need a valid trade licence or a valid VAT number which is registered to your company.

  • You get wholesale prices
  • You have a minimum order value of 200 € net per order
  • Shipping costs are always calculated according to weight and delivery country

2. If you are a B2B customer and only order small quantities under 200 Euro.

Micro trader: You need small quantities for your own use::

You are a micro trader or breeder and only need products and grooming supplies for your grooming business as your own needs.

Mandatory for registration is a valid trade licence or breeder's certificate:

  • You get discounts on your purchase
  • There is no minimum order value
  • Shipping costs always depend on weight and delivery country

In both cases the B2B shop will show you net purchase prices.
If you have a valid VAT number (i.e. you are entitled to deduct input tax), you can purchase VAT-free within the EU. This number must be indicated during registration.

How can I buy wholesale from Onlinezoo as a reseller?

Register a commercial customer account.

Melden Sie sich zuerst von Ihrem Kundenkonto ab falls Sie eingeloggt sind.

You will need an email address that is not yet registered with us (if you would like to change an already registered email address to a commercial account, please contact us).


1. A reseller account with wholesale prices and minimum order value.

2. A micro-dealer account with discounted prices without minimum order value.

Please enter your valid VAT number so that it can be checked and activated. (Small entrepreneurs without a VAT number can submit the trade licence by e-mail instead. info(at)onlinezoo.at

After verification of the VAT identification number or the trade licence, you will be activated by us for the dealer access. (The activation can take a little time as we are legally obliged to check class 2). When you log in with your access data after activation, you will automatically see your prices and, for orientation, also the recommended manufacturer sales prices).

If you do not yet have a trade licence or VAT number, you can also take the step to register as a trader at a later date, but we can only activate you for trader access at the time you submit the required documents. If you change from a small business to an entrepreneur, you can submit the documents to us at any time and we will activate you for wholesale prices.

Please note the terms and conditions for B2B, as a trader the GTC as well as the free shipping regulation for end consumers are not valid.

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