Promotions for dogs and cats

Onlinezoo regularly offers promotions for dogs, cats and their care. Most of the promotions are time-limited promotions with the manufacturers, which we can offer at very favourable prices at short notice. We also have regular promotions for pet groomers and breeders, such as grooming tools, clippers and grooming tables, etc. Just drop by every now and then. We are also happy to inform you about current promotions we can offer you via our newsletter. Alternatively, you can enter your e-mail address at the bottom right of this page and register for the newsletter. The categories you see on the left change depending on the season or when we can negotiate limited promotions with manufacturers. Most promotions are also only available in limited quantities and cannot be re-ordered. However, Onlinezoo always tries to achieve the best prices for you and also offers the Onlinezoo Best Price Guarantee so that you can be sure to always buy very favourably at Onlinezoo. Go to your customer account and see if you are already registered for the newsletter, you can do this now in your customer account and you will no longer miss any promotions. Newsletter customers also receive exclusive discount codes from time to time, with which you can buy certain products even cheaper.

As Onlinezoo works with many manufacturers and products, we have many promotions. We have clearly arranged the current promotions in categories for you. You can select the categories on the left side.