Dog toys for sport and fun

Plush dog toya or made from natural fibers.

Cuddly dog toy and high-quality natural fiber dog toy.

Fabric toy for dogs from sustainable, fair production with natural fibers is very popular with the dog and the environmentally conscious dog owner. Stuffed animals for dogs are no longer thinkable anyway. Both variants are perfectly suitable for cleaning teeth and are easily eliminated if your dog once a dog toy in the heat of battle decomposed. The plushy dog toy is also used for decoration and if your dog likes to cuddle or like to bring a cuddly toy into the dog bed this is the right category. Even for children, the "dog toy" is ideally suited because it is completely free of toxins. New and especially in demand is the GogiPet® Naturetoy dog toy made from sustainable or recycled materials, which stimulates the play instinct of the dog with innovative ideas and especially the environment.