Fair Trade dog toys made from sustainable raw materials

Dog toys made from natural, sustainable and / or recycled raw materials.

The motivating force behind GogiPet® Naturetoy is the love for dogs and cats. GogiPet® is therefore committed for innovative dog toys and cat toys and for the well-being of your pet and its environment.

Full of passion, GogiPet® is committed to developing a range of natural and sustainable animal products to offer you a wide choice.

The Philosophy of GogiPet® Naturetoy dog toys and at Toys:

Back to the roots of basic, pure and simple ideals. GogiPet® wants to be beneficial for your pet and make dog toys and cat toys while protecting our planet and fair production conditions. GogiPet® uses recycled and renewable raw materials in a balanced way to ensure a high quality and sustainable selection of dog toys. GogiPet® does not use harsh or toxic chemicals in the production of dog toys and does not use unnecessary artificial colours and flavours that could endanger the health of your pet.

Independent laboratory testing and strict standards ensure a sustainable, safer, healthier and more humane range of dog and cat toys so your pet comes first.

Materials used for GogiPet Naturetoy dog toys and cat toys:


Environmentally friendly packed dog toy

 It starts with the packaging:


You may have noticed that our garbage cans are filled 3 times faster then 10-15 years ago, but does this have to be? GogiPet® Naturetoys intentionally renounces all plastic packaging with no requirement for the retailer to restrict the representation of GogiPet dog toys. A strong paper card is used for hanging and the dog toy or the cat toy is attached to it with a jute cord, so packaging can be that simple if you just want.




Dog toy made of robust genuine leather


 Genuine leather so that the dog toy can also withstand biting, tugging and pulling:


Genuine leather is an extremely strong and durable material which does not break easily during games. For dog toys and cat toys dyestuffs are of course also a must and easy to realize. GogiPet dog toys are therefore intended for long and harmless use without consuming oil or other resources.




Dog toy with natural coconut fibre filling


 Filling made of coconut fibres:


Coconuts are coated with numerous fibres which, when dried, are excellent for filling dog toys and cat toys. It is gentle on the teeth and do not strain the delicate olfactory organs of our 4-legged friends. Even if one or the other fiber is swallowed, the organism of your pet is not unnecessarily burdened.




Dog toys for tooth cleaning


 Tooth ropes made of jute and cotton:


Dental ropes are very popular with dog toys and cat toys because they playfully clean the teeth. If you also use the GogiPet dental care tooth cleaning spray, the teeth of your pet will stay healthy for a long time. Cleaning your dog's and cat's teeth can be that easy.




Dog toys made from recycled raw materials


 Mysterious sounds from recycled pet bottles:


The coconut filling alone makes the GogiPet dog toy and cat toy especially mysterious, but if you want it to become even more mysterious, we offer a couple of dog toy pieces with a special surprise, which are filled with recycled pet bottles, and therefore especially interesting when gnawing at the leather case.






GogiPet ® Advice for dog toys:
No dog toy is indestructible and you are responsible for the safety of your dog. When you purchase new dog toys, supervise your dog as he behaves with the new dog toy and make sure that safety is ensured even without supervision. Even if GogiPet ® pays attention to non-toxic products and only brings proven dog toys into circulation, the behavior of each dog is individual.