5 Rhinestone number to slide 14 mm

Rhinestone number 5. The rhinestone number 5 is 14 mm high, 5 mm thick. The rhinestone cipher 5 is decorated with lots of rhinestones. Highly polished chrome metal alloy, nickel free.


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Product number: BU-5

Product information "5 Rhinestone number to slide 14 mm"

Rhinestone number 5 small.

Rhinestone cipher 5 small.

The rhinestone number is 14 mm high and 5 mm thick and filled with 11 rhinestones. Highly polished chrome metal - alloy, nickel free.

Suitable for designing your own personalised dog collar made of imitation leather, name collar made of real leather or cat collar. Make your own collar according to your own wishes and taste. For example, a name collar or number collar.

Make your dog a personalised dog collar or your cat a very special cat collar just how you like it.

GogiPet® rhinestone digits at Onlinezoo at unbeatable prices.

Our design tip:

GogiPet rhinestone letters, rhinestone numbers and rhinestone motifs are very popular due to their high-quality workmanship. The nickel-free metal frames of the rhinestone letters are highly polished so that no sharp edges remain and the rhinestone letters are very shiny all round. The rhinestones of the rhinestone letters and motifs are also polished to a very high quality so that they sparkle for a very long time and do not fade quickly like cheap rhinestones. All rhinestones are micro-cut to fit the settings with precision so that no stones fall out of the rhinestone letters when your dog shakes or when you move your wrist quickly (application-related). Simply slide the rhinestone letters onto the dog name collar, cat name collar or onto your bracelet or collar and the decorative piece of jewellery is ready. For pets such as dogs and cats, the names of the pet are of course very popular and can be easily put together from the rhinestone letters. For short names, it looks very pretty if you use the same rhinestone motif before and after. The telephone number is also very popular on the dog collar or cat collar so that the finder can call you immediately if your pet goes missing and is found again. Let your imagination run wild with the rhinestone letters, there are almost no limits. If you ever change your mind, you can also remove the rhinestone letters and rearrange them.