Shaver Heads Snap-On System (Clip,-A5)

Standard blades for clippers which are using the Snap On System:

Oster, Andis, Wahl, Moser, Heiniger, Optimum GogiPet, AGC, Aesculap Fav5 blades.

Snap On blades are also known as clip blades or A5 blades and are used by most manufacturers. The great advantage of Snap On blades is that they are compatible with different manufacturers and are largely maintenance-free. The blades are made of extremely hard special steel and therefore remain sharp for a long time and can also be reground if necessary. A special feature are the GogiPet clip blades with titanium coating and ceramic blade, because this combination makes the Snap On blades especially smooth-running and generates less heat. This also results in less wear and tear and the ceramic blade can be easily replaced by the user. With most GogiPet Snap On blades, you have the option of changing the blades to ceramic or steel and can enjoy all the advantages to the full.

These blades fit for example on the following clippers:

Oster (for example Golden Series), Aesculap Fav5, Aesculap Fav5 CL, Aesculap Fav5 CL hybrid, choice (for example. Wahl Storm, Wahl KM2), Heiniger (clip like Saphir and Opal ), Moser (for example Max45) , AGC (clip for example. AGC2, AGC Super, AGR + Power Groom), Andis (clip), Optimum VXS430C and XS430C GogiPet Horus, GogiPet Hathor and all clipper with the clip system

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