Coat King, Currycomb, Shedder

Undercoat rakes, rakes and shedder.

For what you need rakes and shedder?

It depends on the breed.

The sheeder (outer coat currycomb) is used for short-haired dogs, horses and cats if they lose hair, we like to call it hard core caress, the metal prongs grab loose hair and pull it out of the fur, the dogs and cats enjoy it usually extremely. (Typical breeds are Chihuahua, Labrador, Golden Retriever, Pug ...)

The undercoate rake (Coat King) is used remove much or the whole undercoat, the finer the fur the more blades it should have. (Typical breeds are West Highland white terrier, Schnauzer before stripping, or Golden Retriever, German Shepherd Dog ...)

The currycomb should be used when you want to remove a little bit of undercoat, which can even be used daily, it helps to remove light tangles and dirt.