Clippers and blades

Pet clippers, additional clippers and shaving heads.

What kind of clipper should I take? How much should I spent? This questions have especially beginners. You may have already looked around and found various price ranges of clippers, but the difference is not you clearly?
We were working with many different clippers and brands, many clippers work on the first view fine, but there are significant differences.

It depends how long the clipper is in use. If you are planning to open a pet grooming salon keep in mind that it will not stay with one or two dogs a day. Cheap clippers are no made for these requirements, they become too hot and after long continuous use they will not work properly anymore, and in dogs with fine or thick hair, you must cut with scissors by hand, because some clippers do not permit a smooth style.

The selection of blades (shaving heads) should always be observed. If you are a good dog groomer, or want to become, you need a variety of lengths which are not available for all kind of clipper or do not work long. Especially recommended are blades with titanium coating because they stay sharp longer and glide easier to glide through the coat.

We have seen at our customers, partners and friends who buy cheap buy although really expensive.

Onlinezoo recommends the new Heiniger Opal clipper to the professional groomer, with it you have now the opportunity to clipper twice as fast with twice of battery power. The Heiniger Opal is already emerging as the leading clipper for pet groomers. But the tried and tested Heiniger Saphir clippers from Switzerland are also appreciated by pet groomers, breeders and private users alike. Since the Heiniger clippers work with the common clip system blades, the clipper heads are compatible with many manufacturers and have catapulted to the top of professional clippers.

The Aesculap Favorita clippers with their own blade system are also extra popular with pet groomers.

We offer attractive prices and advice. (New now with best price guarantee on all clippers we offer).

If you are looking for a cheap but very good clipper, we recommend the GogiPet Horus or GogiPet Hathor, which are also compatible with the clip blades used by most clipper manufacturers. These are also available in attractive sets. Especially for breeders, home users and pet groomers who do not want to dig deep into their pockets, these clippers are an affordable but still very good alternative.

As clippers for finishing, we recommend the Aesculap Vega and GogiPet Orate, which can be operated with electricity but also with a rechargeable battery, and for fine work on the paws, face and genital area, the Aesculap Isis is suitable.

Our professional pet groomer Gogi will also be happy to advise you directly on site (please make an appointment by telephone) or you can send us a notice with your requirements.

Personal experiences of our pet groomer and partners you will find HERE.

We are aware that there is a huge range of clippers on the market and we are constantly testing the latest models, but we only offer the clippers that we, in collaboration with over 700 pet groomers worldwide, have found to be the best, the choice is still difficult enough.