Heiniger pet clippers

Heiniger dog clipper from Switzerland since 1965.

Since 1965, Heiniger animal shearing and clipping equipment has set the standard for quality, precision and reliability. Heiniger products are developed and manufactured in the heart of Switzerland. No matter which country you are in across the globe - millions of animals are shorn, clipped and groomed with Heiniger “Swiss made” products daily.

The Heiniger family is a family affair – not only at the management level. Our long-serving and loyal employees are part of the family. Over the decades, across our employee base, we have collected animal shearing and clipping-knowledge and passed it down to our younger “family members”. The loyalty and dedication of the staff, as well as the specialized technical knowledge of animal shearing and clipping, are the success factors behind Heiniger. Our staff are proud to brand our products “Made in Switzerland” and that they bear the Heiniger name -  they understand that our customers rely on quality and performance to facilitate their daily work – therefore we are proud to stamp our product with our family name.

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Dog groomer Vienna advice:

  • The Heiniger mini clipper is a paw shearing machine, which is suitable for the face, the paws the intimate area and to cut smaller knots from the coat, veterinarians use the Heiniger mini-cutting machine mainly to clip the coat over the veins in smaller animals or small areas.
  • The Heiniger Midi shearing machine is mainly a clipper for areas such as dog contours on the head, legs, stomach and tail. For small dogs, I even use the Heiniger Midi clipper as a dog clipper when the dog is completely tangle free and can be easily combed through.
  • With the Heiniger Saphir Cord dog clipper with cord and the cordless dog clippers Heiniger Saphir and Heiniger Opal with battery are the "true" dog clipper with which you can also shear dogs, cats and other small animals completely.

Differences between the various Heiniger clippers

Heiniger clipper are also compatible with the clip blades from Wahl (Clip for example Wahl Storm, Wahl KM2), Oster (for example Golden series), Moser (Clip for example Max45), AGC (Clip for example AGC2, AGC super, AGR+ Power Groom), Andis (Clip), Optimum (Clip  VXS430C and XS430C) and Aesculap Fav5 (Snap On) Aesculap Fav5, Aesculap Fav5 CL as well as all shearing machines with the clip system.

A cheap alternative is the GogiPet Horus dog clipper, which can also be operated with the Snap On blades. The GogiPet Horus, is very light, quiet and has 2 speed levels and is therefore also very suitable for anxious dogs.