Coat King, curry comb

Tools for removing undercoat or loose hair.

Remove professional the undercoat and loose outer coat of dogs and cats.
Undercoat can be removed very quickly with an undercoat rake such as the Coat King or Coat Master. Loose hair with a shorter coat is the easiest and fastest way to remove it with the Shedder. Together with our experienced dog hairdressers, we have selected the products with the best value for money and elaborated detailed descriptions and explanations. We have provided these directly for each product for you. We are also happy to advise you personally on site or by e-mail, please contact us. We work with all the pet hair removal products we distribute in our dog grooming, so we know which products are most effective. Only selected pet products will be added to the Onlinezoo product range. These include, for example, Currycombs, Undercoat rakes, Shedder, Coat Kings, Coat Master, Eliminators and other innovative tool for pet hair removal.