Aesculap clipper

Professional Aesculap clippers for dogs and cats for an unbeatable price

Our savings tip: We deliver with the Aesculap Favorita II, to Aesculap Ehmann Turbo and Aesculap Favorita CL the original hard case and the original Aesculap oil for free.
Ideal as finishing clippers are the Aesculap Vega and GogiPet Orate they can be powered by electricity and battery and for the paws and the face we recommend the Aesculap Isis.

Dog groomer Vienna hint:

  • For the professional work our star groomer recommends the Aesculap Favorita II or the Aesculap Favorita CL and as additional clipper for the finishing the Aesculap Isis, Aesculap Vega and the GogiPet Orate. We shear with clippers a lot in our pet grooming salon and like to give our feedback to you.

• Tips and tricks for working with Aesculap Favorita clippers

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 Detailed explanation of the differences between the Aesculap clippers