Aesculap Favorita System shaving heads

Blades for Aesculap Favorita clippers:

The quality blades, Aesculap quality for the specialist.

Aesculap blades are made of extremely hard special steel with high processing quality by over 100 years of experience. Slide blades offers optimum cutting efficiency through adjustable blade pressure and are easy to clean due to the disassembly. Aesculap Favorita shaving heads can be repeatedly reground
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This cutter heads fits on the following clippers. Aesculap Favorita II, Aesculap Libra (identical with the Aesculap Favorita), Aesculap Favorita CL, Aesculap Ehmann Turbo line, Optimum VXS430S and XS430S (Slide system only The Clippers called S at the end)

Which blade for which breed - guidelines

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