Cat collars for letters and numbers

Cat collars for letters, numbers and rhinestone motifs. (Name Collars)

Create your individual cat collar with our rhinestone jewellery for pushing. The stretch cat collars are 10 mm wide and 2 mm thick. The stretchable collar for cats we have in trendy colours. The closure and the bells are chrome, and nickel free. The beautiful cat collars are glued from high quality polyester material and hot, so they are very durable and still look classy. The stretchy - collars are about 30 cm long and can be infinitely varied from 5 cm adjusted to 28 cm. You can shorten the cat collars with a scissor and seal the end by means of a lighter carefully. Choose the 14 mm rhinestone letters and motives for this cat collar.

Our leather collars have different sizes and we deliver them with 2 adapter so you can choose if you want to create them with our 14 mm rhinestone letters and motives or with the 1 cm metal letters and metal numbers, or you decorate both and change them so often you want.