GogiPet and Optimum clippers

GogiPet and Optimum pet clippers the dog clippers for the breeder, dog groomer and discerning home user.

Professional dog clippers and semi-professional pet clippers for dog breeders, cat breeders, pet groomers and home users at extra low prices are offered by GogiPet and Optimum.

Professional pet groomers appreciate GogiPet cable clippers especially as additional clippers, as they are extra light, quiet and manoeuvrable. For breeders and private users, cable clippers are recommended due to their less frequent use. Cordless clippers are designed for constant use, with infrequent use the battery quickly loses its life. The GogiPet pet clippers have 2 speeds and therefore allow clipping of the head area even with skittish pets. As the clippers have an external power supply they are extra light and even inexperienced groomers can work with them for longer without painful wrists.
The GogiPet pet clippers use the proven A5, Snap On blades which are compatible with a wide range of manufacturers.
The GogiPet Hybrid Partial Range Clipper Orate and the Optimum pet clippers complete our range of clippers.

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