Heiniger clipper spare parts

Spare parts for Heiniger clippers

Heiniger clippers from Switzerland, are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. However, we, as the European agency, do not only offer you Heiniger pet clippers at favourable prices with a best price guarantee, but are also happy to take over your repairs for Heiniger pet clippers such as the Heiniger Saphir, Heiniger Opal, Heiniger Mini and Heiniger Midi.

You are welcome to purchase only the spare parts for Heiniger clippers from us to have your clipper repaired on site or use Heiniger spare parts for clippers for self-repair. Heiniger clippers are usually very easy to repair yourself, as almost all parts are equipped with plug connections.

Onlinezoo provides you with a video or illustrated documentation on how to open a Heiniger Saphir or Opal clipper and reassemble it yourself. From time to time the swinging lever (swinging flail) on Heiniger Saphir and Heiniger Opal clippers must be changed. This becomes noticeable when the Heiniger clipper no longer runs "smoothly" and the clipper makes a noise. This Heiniger spare part costs less than 5 Euro and with a little skill you can change the swivel lever yourself.

Even if the motor of your Heiniger Saphir or Heiniger Opal clipper only starts up for a short time and stops immediately, the motor itself can be replaced with plug connections. Heiniger spare parts are available at a favourable price from Onlinezoo and you can save on shipping and repair costs.

If you have purchased a Heiniger clipper from Onlinezoo and it is still under warranty, we will of course repair it free of charge. (except for the swivel lever (swing beater) which is considered a wear part). Please contact us in case of warranty.

Onlinezoo would like to help you save costs with the Heiniger spare parts service and wishes you every success with your Heiniger clipper. Onlinezoo also offers you a complete Heiniger spare parts set in which you can purchase all the important spare parts in a reasonably priced set so that you can carry out a complete all-round service yourself. (except for the motor, which only needs to be replaced in very rare cases.