Dog dryer- blower as table dryer or wall dryer.

Dog dryers with high-speed blowers are also known as blaster and are indispensable for professional dog grooming.

A dog dryer - blaster is is a high-velocity blower that blows out air at a powerful rate. These are ideal for the professional dog care and is appreciated by dog hairdressers, breeders veterinarians and the demanding home user worldwide. Perfect to getting excess water out of the dog's coat and to remove loose hairs from undercoats. Most of the dog dryer is used as a table dryer or with a wall mount as a wall dryer. Important at the dog dryer is the amount of air is what can provide a dog blower, the Watt do not say very much, especially not when the dog dryer has installed an unnecessary heating element which the dog hairdresser rather should not be used to cause no skin damage and skin damage. With hot air you can before the exhibition even smooth the skin when repeatedly form curls, but that should be only the exceptions, except the stand dryer or wall dryer which you do not use directly, you use it from a distance in order to simultaneously brush the coat. It is really important that the dog dryer has a very strong fan witch blow the moisture out the coat and perhaps 2 speeds for delicate parts. The dog fur belongs with pressure and not dried with heat. Do not be confused by the volume of good blowers significantly the noise of the air flow is (which we cannot hear, but makes dogs afraid ) our dog blower are all tested to a comfortable air flow noise. Most models can be retrofitted with a wall mount or partially with a wall mount. If you use the blower as a table dryer, a hose holder helps keep your hands free for brushing.

Dog groomer Vienna advise:
I get always asked if dogs are afraid of the sound of the dog dryers. No, I could not remember any dogs that would have been dreading the engine noise, because the dog dryers are tested for the air noise which mostly scares dogs (as you may know from the vacuum cleaner) the engine noise is usually no problem for dogs That's why they often like to run after the much louder lawn mower.
Put the hose close to the skin and blow the water out of the fur, so you can remove residues that are in the water and white coat will really turn white. If you need volume or need to brush at the same time, use the blower with a wall bracket, stand or hose holder. For volume, you can also heat up occasionally heat. (Shorthaired pets get never dried with heat).