Vivog Shedder 250mm

Vivog Shedder 250 mm - Shedder 2 in 1. Shedding Blades to remove excess undercoat. The robust deck hair trimmer (Shedder) with a coarse one and a fine side and thick comfortable clutch with elastic inserts for the long ergonomic work. At Onlinezoo with best price guarantee:

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Product number: VG-02000

Product information "Vivog Shedder 250mm"

Vivog Shedder for cats and dogs.

Vivog 250mm - Shedder 2 in 1.

Characteristics of this Shedding Blade:

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Specially designed for short, dense fur
  • Removes dead hair during the moulting season
  • Thins the coat

Indications for use: Hundefriseur-Wien advice:

  • Closed: Recommended for working on small areas starting from the head and working towards the tail.
  • Open: Recommended for covering large areas, starting from the ribs and back of your animal or from the head towards the tail.
  • Double-sided: fine teeth for finishing touches. Medium teeth for removing dead hairs and thinning the coat.

Onlinezoo Shedder for cats, dogs and horses.

Since over 30 years, Vivog has set itself the goal of developing, manufacturing and marketing products for animal care and breeding professionals. Since a few years Vivog is a subsidiary of the Martin Sellier Group which is also committed to the welfare of dogs and cats. Onlinezoo is the strong partner in the German-speaking area, which independently tests and adapts the products to the conditions and extends the product range to include high-quality brands.

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