Ecodor EcoCar 1 litre refill bottle

Ecodor EcoCar 1 litre refill bottle against unpleasant odours in vehicles such as cars, boats, caravans, cars, truck, caravan...


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Content: 1 l

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Product information "Ecodor EcoCar 1 litre refill bottle"

Ecodor EcoCar 1 Litre refill bottle.

Ecodor EcoCar is ideal for eliminating food smells, tobacco smells and pet odour.

  • Ecodor EcoCar is ideal for eliminating food odours, cigarette smoke and the smell of petrol or diesel etc.
  • This enzymatic, natural odour remover destroys the odour causing molecules in the air naturally.
  • Ecodor EcoCar is non-irritant and non-allergenic. EcoCar is produced from harmless, water-soluble vegetable proteins. This makes EcoCar safe for use in the immediate vicinity of humans, animals and food. Contains no propellant. Leaves no stains.

Instructions for use:
Remove the source of the smell, if possible. Pump the top several times to build up pressure. Remove top. Spray EcoCar liberally around the room. Leaves no stains. Contains no propellant. Refillable. Recyclable packaging. Keep at room temperature.

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Ecodor EcoCar against smells in cars, boats, caravans and other vehicles.

Ecodor EcoCar is not a simple air freshener that simply covers up odours. Ecodor EcoCar is a real air freshener that decomposes odour molecules in a natural way, so that the odour simply disappears and the air is really refreshed instead of trying to cover up a smell. EcoCar is suitable for eliminating bad smells in vehicles such as cars, caravans, boats, etc. which are caused by food, smoke, pets, petrol, diesel, sweat, etc. Ecodor EcoCar eliminates the problem at the root and decomposes the odour instead of covering it with perfume. Ecodor EcoCar does not use harmful chemicals and removes odours efficiently through fermented plant extracts dissolved in water. Ecodor EcoCar is also very popular in coaches where there are many passengers, as it does not cause allergic reactions, is completely non-toxic and does not cause skin irritation..

EcoCar does not irritate or cause allergic reactions.
EcoCar is made from vegetable proteins that are dissolved in water. Therefore
EcoCar safe in the vicinity of people, animals and food.
Application: passenger cars, trucks, mobile homes, tractors, minibuses, coaches, boats, caravans, caravans, touring cars.

Ecodor EcoCar Video:

Composition: water < 80%, fermented vegetable extracts < 10%, polyalcohols < 3%, citric acid < 2%, CPC cetyl pyridinium chloride < 2%.

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