Dog Care And Cat Care Toiletries

Dog care products and cat care products

For the beauty and health of your pets.

Toiletries and hygiene products for dogs and cats.

We offer - in our dog salon long-tested - animal care products. These include very good shampoos and animal cosmetics without harmful chemicals, as well as for dog care and cat care suitable grooming tools such as brushes, combs, detangler, stripping knives, etc. The explanations does not come exclusively from the manufacturers, but together with very experienced dog hairdressers, we researched independently and have written them down. This offers you a special added value for your needs.
Hygiene products such as poop bags for collecting dog feces, urine and odor removal - especially for cat urine and animal odors, litter boxes with accessories, dog toilets, hold of sprays, insect repellent and further hygiene and cleaning products for private dog care as groomer nees round off this assortment.