Stuff For Cats

All the cat desires and needs.

A cat needs a lot to do if is it alone at home, preferably with cat toys, or it let us feeling her frustration through protest pee and bite and scratch on to the furnishings and such.
Leave your cat not bored lying around, not only food and litter needs your cat. Also abundant employment.

  • Cat collars and jewellery Cat collars and cat jewellery. Cat collars are own collars with safety opening location or a stretchable collar so that your cat at climbing cannot get strangled, but also jewellery wears the modern cat.
  • Scratching posts and furniture Cat scratching posts and cat furniture. Sleep, eat, play and scratch so cats like to live. Grab your cat a beautiful scratching cat furniture and a nice cat bed to sleep and have exciting cat toys then your cat will be happy.
  • Cat toys Toys for cats. Important for cat toys is always that it has something mysterious in itself. Our cat toy sparkles, shines, shakes, rattles, smells or crackles. Your cat loves certainly as the variety in cat toys.
  • Hygiene litter box & litter Hygiene products for cats. Cats also need care. We offer a special shampoo without water, so your cat its most natural enemy does not have to meet. Even if your cat has peed once on the sofa, we offer the solution of Ecodor. If it around the litter...