Collars Harnesses and Leashes For Dogs And Cats

Dog collars, dog harnesses and dog leashes.

Dog collar, dog leash and dog harness for your dog.

We offer a huge selection of dog collars, dog harnesses and the matching dog leashes. Whether you decide on a dog collar made of leather or textile, a dog harness that is very robust or very soft and looking for a noble dog leash for a stroll or a retractable dog lead for the forest and meadow walk you will find it here.

The selection is very large, so here are some tips on what you should consider when choosing.

First, the question arises whether dog collar or dog harness?

Here, the minds argue what the better option is we show you here some advantages and disadvantages.

Dog collar: The dog collar is very common and is also recommended by most dog schools and veterinarians. Especially when a dog tends to pull, it is most likely to stop him with a dog collar.
Especially dog collars made of leather are very robust, timeless, durable and radiate a certain value. These are available in simple design, but also with sparkling crystals, rivets and ornaments. At us you even get leather dog collars to make your own design with letters, motifs and numbers with or without rhinestones.
The dog collar made of fabric or nylon is very practical because it can be washed in the washing machine and is very light. Especially the dog collar made of nylon is very resistant and the lined variants are especially soft on the larynx.
The dog collar made of fabric is hardly subject to decorative restrictions and is very often used with triangular cloths in combination.

In general, stronger dogs need a wider dog collar than small dogs and correctly fits the dog collar if two fingers fits in.

Dog harness: The dog harness is also very popular but should be used in dogs the strong pull only with caution to protect the spine. Note that especially in small dogs, the spine is very thin and frail than large dogs. In no case should be pulled jerkily on the harness and therefore also retractable dog leads are not suitable.
The dog harness made of leather is like the leather dog collar robust, timeless and durable. A good leather dog harness for daily use should have a quick release, so that putting on and taking off very quickly can go on. For special occasions it can sometimes be a harness with Swarovski crystals.
The dog harness made of fabric or nylon can be quickly washed in the washing machine and the design knows no bounds. Above all, the soft harnesses are very popular, as they also support the chest and relieve the spine, if this dog harness also has a quick release, then it is THE dog harness.

As a general rule, dog harnesses also mean that you guide your dog and not the other way around, take your time and teach your dog to run next to you and not in front or behind. Reward your dog if he behaves properly. Your dog will thank you over time because he wants to be guided by you.

Dog leash: The dog leash should fit to the collar and be not too long for the city stroll, so you can quickly control your dog in a dangerous situation. We will make the right choice for you by suggesting the right dog leash for each collar.
Flexi retractable dog leashes: The retractable dog leash is designed for the forest and meadow walk, so your dog can have plenty of exercise. However, you should not use the leash for city strolling or educating, so your dog will never learn to walk with you and is exposed to dangers quickly. Make sure that your dog is not jerkily stopped by the leash, that could hurt him and there is also the classic collar killer, it come here very quickly high forces used.

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