Warm dog clothing - dog jackets with 2 sleeves

Warm dog jackets with two sleeves.

Warm winter jackets for dogs.

Our dog jackets are made especially warm and high quality. The cuddly dog jackets are only provided with sleeves for the front legs and therefore also suitable for dogs witch are not used on dog clothes.. The length of the dog coat or dog jacket is not crucial for the dog, but it is important that the front of the chest and the belly are nicely closed. If you prefer the design of the dog clothes which reach to the tail and also protects the hind legs from snow clumps, you can see our dog coats with 4 legs.

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  1. Khaki Dog Anorak with Fur Collar
  2. Pink dog anorak with fluffy fur collar
  3. Army green sleeveless dog parka with fluffy warm lining
  4. Warm yellow dog anorak for snow and rain
  5. Warm dog clothing - pink dog anorak for snow and ice
  6. Orange sleeveless dog parka with fluffy warm lining
  7. Blauer ärmelloser Hundeparka mit flauschig warmer Fütterung
  8. Pluto Sleeveless Beige Plush Fleece Dog Vest
  9. warm, cuddly dog pullover
  10. Calimero Sleeveless Black Soft Plush Fleece Dog Vest
  11. Grey Bear Dog Jacket with Ears on Hood
  12. Pink Teddy Dog Jacket with Ears
  13. Dog Coat with Dog Scarf
  14. Warm dog waistcoat dark blue with scarf
  15. warm lined dog anorak yellow - warm dog clothing
  16. Warm dog anorak - dark blue parka for dog
  17. Pink dog anorak for winter