Dosage of our dog shampoos and cat shampoos

How do I use dog shampoo properly?

Dog shampoos and cat shampoos of Bubbles and Nature are highly concentrated, just do not use too much, you would just waste a lot of cosmetic.
The easiest way is you mix in a plastic bottle 10 - 15 ml (2 - 3 teaspoons) of shampoo with 1 - 1 ½ liters of water (depending on the degree of soiling), then you use this mixture for the dog bath or cat bath.
(No fear if you use too much shampoo, you do not damage any fur, coat or is would be bad for your pet, but you waist money, for larger dogs over 10 kg please take more accordingly).

Importantly for the dog bath.

Make the fur really wet with warm water (approx. 37 degrees) put the shower head very close on the dogs coat (the most dogs hate drops).
Use only some from the dog shampoo - mixture and wash through the fur briefly, so that the most grease and the coarsest dirt are removed. Wash out afterwards the shampoo.
Now there comes the real dog wash, use now the sufficient shampoo for the right bath, now finaly the shampoo penetrates into the skin and into the hair and unfolds the real effect. (Bring no water in the ears) .
Rinse out the shampoo well and when required use now also a balm.

GogiPet Bubbles & Nature dog shampoo dosage

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