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ECODOR Odour removal

Ecodor the specialist against odour

Welcome to Ecodor, the professionals in Odour Control.

ECODOR is the specialist and market leader in odour control, organic odour eliminators, and cat urine removing. Through a very fine spray of organic odour control products, Ecodor eliminates odours quickly and effectively in a natural and responsible manner. Our odour control and removal technology is capable of controlling odour problems through the use of environmentally friendly enzymes and NOT harmful chemical based masking products.

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Pets und household

Ecodor for pets and urine removing

Ecodor for pets and urine removing Cat urine removing and cat urine odour removing. If cat urine on the sofa, on the bed, parquet flooring or concrete. Ecodor has the solution. Ecodor pet smell neutralising and cleaning products that can be used for, on or around pets.

Ecodor against odour in the household

Ecodor for the household EcoHome against odour in the household. EcoHome builds the odour molecules in the air in a natural way off. Here you find an overview of the ‘air refreshing’ products for use in and around the house


Car, boat, mobile home and healthcare

Ecodor against odour in vehicles, cars, boats and mobile homes

Ecodor for car, boat, mobile home EcoCar is ideal for eliminating food odours, cigarette smoke and the smell of petrol or diesel etc. This enzymatic, natural odour remover destroys the odour causing molecules in the air naturally.

Ecodor against body odours and sweaty feet

Ecodor for healthcare Ecodor manufacture odour neutralising products that can be used for personal or clinical applications. Personal hygiene, and medical applications, large or small, can benefit from these natural, and environment friendly products.


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