Nose ointment and paw ointment for dogs by Bubbles & Nature
Dog noses and dog paws. Dogs suffer especially in winter and hot asphalt in the summer. The Bubbles & Nature paw ointment helps against dry noses and cold feet in winter. Dog care products without animal testing.
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Dogs suffer especially in winter unte with road salt and hot asphalt in summer.

The Bubbles & Nature paw ointment helps agains dry noses and cold feet in winter and against the heat in summer with zinc oxide, shea butter and almond oil.
The Bubbles & Nature paw ointment and nasal ointment is butter soft and creamy, it is very easy to put on and also helps against cracked paws or noses. Even for us humans provides the shea butter cream against cold feets and it taktes the hard skin of.

Properties of Bubbles & Nature paws ointment:

  • Zinc oxide - wound healing, antiseptic, healing mushroom
  • Shea butter - make the skin supple, stimulates, prevents felt before
  • Almond oil - for elastic, strong, supple skin

Nasal ointment and paw ointment for dogs:
Our dogs paw ointment protects the paws of the road salt.
Of course you can also visit us at our pet grooming salon, we will advise you about our animal care products.
Content 50cc

Nose and paw ointment for the following breeds:
The Bubbles & Nature paw ointment and nasal ointment is suitable for the following breeds:

>for all breeds

Dog groomer Vienna hint:
Very often dogs come with cracked paws to me in the pet grooming salon. I take care of the paws of the dog after every service and help with the fact that the cracked paws heal quickly. In the winter I keep seeing dogs with brittle noses, which hurt the dog strong like us the brillte lips. It is important that you take care for the nose with the ointment of your dog on cold days so it does not get this problem or that the nose can recover, before walkies please cream the paws with the paw ointment so it protects your dog before the salt is, which often brings to burst after a short time the paws. Do not use ointments like vaseline, as this can make the paws too soft and the dog then often injured unnecessarily. You can use  the paws ointment also on your feets it is like a second pair of socks and also takes the hared skin. If you live in a city where a lot of road salt it on the roads, I recommend as optimum protection dog shoes.

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The Bubbles & Nature dog care products sold by Onlinezoo were produced without animal testing.

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