Aesuclap holder for blades

Support for Cutter Heads. Plastic holder for 5 Aesculap blades for a comfortable and save use.


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Content: 1 Piece

Available, delivery time: ca. 1-8 working days* after receipt of payment

Product number: BB-GH575

Product information "Aesuclap holder for blades"

Orgiginal Aesculap support for blades.

Clipper head stand made of pressed plastic for storing 5 Aesculap clipper blades within easy reach. This Aesculap clipper head stand is specially designed for Slide clipper heads for Aesculap Favorita clippers with knurled screw.
(Blades not included)

Aesculap GH575 blade stand for Slide shaving blades

The Aesculap blade stand is suitable for all Slide blades (Favorita blade system with knurled screw). The blade stand has its own recess so that the Favorita blades fit optimally into the slot.

Original Aesculap blade stand breaker price with best price guarantee.

Pet Groomer Vienna Advice:

Do not leave your blades lying around on the grooming table,

because it is very easy for the blades to be knocked off the grooming table during work and fall onto the floor, this results in 95% of repairs, so be sure to use the Aesculap shaving head stand or a plexiglass wall holder.

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