GogiPet dog bath apron with dogs

Dog apron for bathing of dogs with puppies. The GogiPet ® dog bath apron is essential for pet groomers in the pet grooming and for all who would like to bath dogs, but do not want to be wet from top to bottom. Now at Onlinezoo instead of:


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Product number: SH-D-X-100

Product information "GogiPet dog bath apron with dogs"

Bath apron for pet groomers.

Dog apron for bathing of dogs.

The GogiPet® dog bath apron is essential for pet groomers in the grooming salon for those who would like to bathe your dog, but be wet from top to bottom.

White dog bath apron with different dog breeds

The funny dogs on the bath apron are very decorative.

GogiPet dog apron knock down price

GogiPet® stands for top-quality pet care products at an affordable price. GogiPet® dog grooming supplies are developed for professional dog groomers, but are also very popular with breeders and demanding pet owners. GogiPet Dog Grooming Supplies have been tested for decades in our dog salons and dog grooming schools by various dog groomers on numerous dogs and cats, regardless of the manufacturer's specifications, in order to be able to gradually approach the optimisation. GogiPet® products differ primarily in that GogiPet® does not try to reinvent the wheel, but rather tests existing products thoroughly in practice and incorporates the acquired knowledge of improvement into the production process.

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