Aesculap GT330 Snap On blade Size 10 with 1.5 mm

Aesculap® SnapOn Blade Size 10 with 1.5 mm cutting length. Original Aesculap GT330 Snap On blade for Aesculap Fav 5, Optimum, Oster, Andis, Heiniger, Moser, Wahl and all clippers with the strandared clip system. At Onlinezoo with Aesculap Best Price Guarantee.


instead of €43.90* (22.78% saved from the RRP)
Content: 1 Piece
Product number: BB-GT330

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Aesculap Snap On blades brochure

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Snap On blade cleaning and maintenance

Clean Snap On blades when the cutting performance decreases or when, for example, hair gets between the blades and the shaving head plucks.

Blade care Snap On blade

Maintenance and care of A5 (Snap On or Clip) blades

  1. To do this, push the blade more than halfway to one side and clean the gap thoroughly with the cleaning brush.
  2. Then slide the blade to the other side and repeat the process.
  3. Push the blade back and oil the shaving head.

Thorough cleaning

If the blade still does not cut after simple maintenance, there is a hair between the precision blades exactly in the middle, please remove the blade completely by pushing it all the way out. Clean the plates thoroughly with a soft cloth (toilet paper is best) and replace the blade (follow the instructions for blade replacement).