Slicker brush small for cats and dogs

Universal small dog brush - Slicker Brush Vivog small. Vivog Soft Slicker Brush with a small brush box. For small dogs and cats. At Onlinezoo with best price guarantee:

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Product information "Slicker brush small for cats and dogs"

Small slicker brush for dogs and cats.

Universal dog brush and cat brush- Slicker Brush by Vivog.
Vivog Soft Slicker Brush with a small size brush field.
For cats and small dogs.


  • Ergonomic non-slip handle.
  • Specially designed for large, medium, and small dogs and cats
  • Detangles and removes dead hairs
  • Stimulates the skin and encourages the regrowth of healthy hair.
  • Flexible rust resistant pins set on an air cushion to optimise brushing

Indications for use:

  • Recommended for long-haired coats.
  • For curly fur coats, more frequent brushing is advisable.
  • Do not use on “corded” fur.

Dog Hairdresser Vienna Tip:

At Long coat:
For easier brushing, spray before a little of Bubbles & Nature balm and de-matting spray on the coat or on the brush, then brush the fur slowly and carefully.
Wire hair dogs (terriers and schnauzers).
Brush to stimulate the skin and to remove dead hair in the growth direction, then brush against the direction of hair growth to remove nodes and tangles.
At voluminous curly fur (Poodle).
Brush frequently but gently to avoid the formation of mats if your dog or cat tends to tangles use also the Bubbles & Nature balm and de-matting spray.
Try by brushing to brush the hair 90 degrees from the body to get as much volume.

Slicker Brush for dogs special price

Since over 30 years, Vivog has set itself the goal of developing, manufacturing and marketing products for animal care and breeding professionals. Since a few years Vivog is a subsidiary of the Martin Sellier Group which is also committed to the welfare of dogs and cats. Onlinezoo is the strong partner in the German-speaking area, which independently tests and adapts the products to the conditions and extends the product range to include high-quality brands.

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