Winter campaign

Beautiful winter walks and relaxing naps in front of the fireplace.

Even the winter has its beautiful sides that your dog can really enjoy. Romping in the snow is really fun and your dog can let off steam. With the right snowsuit or anorak combined with dog shoes, your dog stays dry and warm and does not bring any slush into the house. After the outdoor game, a relaxing nap in the dog bed is announced and then it continues with a short game with the favorite dog toy. That's the way to live in the cold season.

Sitting in the evening with mum or dod on the sofa, get the coat groomed and being pampered with a pleasant dog parfum completes the dog's life perfectly.

Dog groomer Vienna advice:
Do not neglect the dog care in the winter, in winter, the bathing and brushing is very important, since usually more moisture and dirt in the fur, the mats and tagles are formed faster. Bathing, combing, brushing, drying should be a regular routine in winter.